Celtics thriving in playoff mode

Celtics thriving in playoff mode

You know the expression, "so far, so good"? Well, let's one up that. It's been so far, so great for the Boston Celtics in the playoffs thus far.

Yeah. I like the sound of that better. Why? Because they've beaten the Indiana Pacers twice so far in the first round of the playoffs and hold a 2-0 series lead. The two games have seen the Celtics play good defense, holding their opponent to 74 and 91 points in the two games respectively. So yeah, the C's are getting the job done so far -- despite what the haters might say.

Let's be real: Kyrie Irving carries these guys in game two, putting up 37 points in 39 minutes of play.

That's the beauty of having a lot of guys who can shoot: one guy can dominate one night and the next, you can have someone completely different fill the void. After all, Marcus Morris tied for a team-high 20 points in game one--and he's not exactly the guy anyone would be expecting to go off in the playoffs, or even the regular season for that matter.

From a purely statistical standpoint, it seems as if the Celtics are more than likely going to win this opening series. Let's hope it's not like the 2004 ALCS and the Celtics are the Yankees (highly improbable, I am aware).

The unfortunate part for the Celtics is if they win this series, they'll likely move on to face the Milwaukee Bucks, who came in first place in the east. That's gonna be a tough matchup, but one has to beat the best to be the best.

Ultimately, here's what matters though: the Celtics are playing good basketball. If they keep it up, they could go far. However, their margin of error on execution is low, so they'll need their best basketball in the coming games.

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