Celtics showing grit, looking good

Mmmhm. This is really good. What is this, the Patriots? Nah, it’s the Boston Celtics. They’re here, and they’re playing the best basketball we’ve seen from them in quite some time.

A certain someone thought the C’s were done after they went down 2-0 in the first round of the playoffs, but that’s why my opinion on basketball isn’t really one you should trust. But hey, they’re winning now, and it looks like they’ll make it out of round two alive as well.

When they ended up coming back and beating the Bulls, the Celtics showed they could adjust to what they needed to and kick adversity in the rear–and that’s what a good team needs to be able to do. Just look at Al Horford stepping up his game in that first round and heck, Isaiah Thomas putting up 53 points amid toothgate, or whatever we’re calling it. That’s the kind of stuff that just takes grit.

Speaking of grit, all these dudes on the Washington Wizards–which is the other basketball team Michael Jordan played for, by the way–are complaining the C’s might even be a little TOO gritty. Or maybe they’re complaining about the refs not calling stuff (like fouls, their grandmothers on their birthdays, etc). Now, I’m not really a basketball ref, but when you give up a combined 252 points in two games, it probably means you’re not playing great defense. Come on, the C’s don’t put up that many points reg-u-lar-ly.

Not that it’s important right now, but it might be a tad concerning that Jaylen Brown ain’t really a part of all this playoff stuff. I mean, he was a high pick. He’s a young dude though. Not the guy you’d expect carrying this. But still……

Guess we’ll have to see how long the C’s can keep this up. So fah, so good, so good, so good.

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