Celtics interested in extending Terry Rozier

Celtics interested in extending Terry Rozier

Ignore the couple of losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers this preseason. The Boston Celtics are actually in a great spot headed into this season. Pretty much anyone with a brain has them favored to win at least the NBA's Eastern Conference. Whether or not they have the power to win a championship, however, is a different question.

Anyways, the C's have a strong starting five--and depth beyond it. The team has made it clear they are committed to signing Kyrie Irving to a long-term deal. They've done everything short of giving the guy a promise ring or an engagement ring or a championship ring. But you know what? At least one of those could be coming.

Just because they want to lock up Irving with a longterm deal though, it does not mean they do not have big plans for another talented guard: Terry Rozier. According to Boston Sports Journal (the subscription only site that seems to do OK for itself), the C's have "engaged in extension talks". So yeah, the C's want Rozier here longterm as a bench player, apparently.

The deadline for such a deal to be made is Oct. 15, but the question on everyone's minds should be: would Rozier really want to stay in Boston to be their sixth man when he could be a starter somewhere else. He told BSJ, ""That's something I'm really going to have to sit down and think about."

So basically, Rozier is going to end up getting paid one way or the other. That's something the Celtics need to keep in mind here. Boston might not be his best option and with that in mind, he seems to have some leverage in the situation (unless the Celtics do something weird like start playing him less so he doesn't look as good or something). Regardless, they're trying to make something happen and that's good. 

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