Celtics getting new practice facility in near future

It’s going to happen.

The Boston Celtics are getting a dope new practice venue. They made their plans official on Monday. Now they just need to build it and hope they don’t run into any Hartford Yard Goat esq problems.

They’re naming it: The Auerbach Center. Wow, imagine that: the Celtics naming something after Red Auerbach. Well-deserved. But not surprising. It’ll be at the New Balance World Headquarters. That’s in Boston — the Allston/Brighton area.

The place is finna be 70,000 square feet. There will be two practice courts and a ton of banners. Everyone loves banners, right? Right.

In one rendering of the 70,000-square-foot facility, showcasing two full-length practice courts, a 2017 championship banner can be seen hanging alongside Boston’s other 17 title banners.

Just have to wonder when this beaut will be finished. Try not this spring but the following spring, so spring of 2018. It’ll be next to the Bruins facility. Kind of shocked here. Would have assumed they’d share a venue. They love doing that.

Here’s what Wyc Grousbeck  had to say about it in a press release,”(we’re) honored that (New Balance has) agreed to carry forth Red’s legacy in the naming of the Auerbach Center at New Balance Headquarters. Red had no peer as an innovator in our sport, and we feel like it is fitting that our partner New Balance will help us continue to be a leading innovator as we pursue Banner 18 and beyond.”

Just falling in style, right? OK Woody. Don’t deny it. Pretty sick, Buzz. He’s just jealous he doesn’t have that style.

The new facility is supposed to be better than their current one in Waltham. Who knows, maybe it makes them a better basketball team. I mean, you play how you practice, right? Just a shame they won’t have it for a couple more years.

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