Celtics first rounder comes back to the USA

We might just be a little closer to seeing one of those prized Celtics draft and stash picks after all.

Odds are, some people forgot about them because the Celtics draft last year was rather disappointing. Sure, Jaylen Brown was a decent pick–it seems–but there wasn’t that big trade or any huge additions in the draft. The C’s used them draft-and-stash picks just so they wouldn’t have to put anyone on the roster right away. They couldn’t afford the spots. Now, however, we’re taking some baby steps toward one panning out…


That’s right, Yabusele is in the states for once. The French player, who was the 16th overall pick in last year’s NBA draft actually spent most of this season in China–and it went well. He put up 20.9 points per game and 9.4 rebounds in that span for the Shanghai Sharks. So yeah, he was an international sensation, just like your favorite popstar–except he was only popular with basketball fans in one country. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same.

It might not mean that much at this point in time. The Celtics roster is pretty much set. If Yabusele wasn’t going to be the guy to crack their roster to start the season, then he’s probably not going to be the guy to impact their playoff-contending-quality roster. Even so, it’s definitely beneficial to get him going on the D-League squad alongside some fellow Celtics draftees. After all, those guys are his future Celtics teammates.

Definitely interesting to see how his career pans out. At least you know now it means he’s at least in the mix when it comes to a potential call-up, more likely next year. Yeah, so he’s on their radar.

Any excuse to break out a polo reference. Just felt right.

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