Celtics draft should be interesting

June 23 just can’t come fast enough for Boston Celtics fans.

Is that the day of the big NBA draft? You bet. And the Celtics have eight pics in this year’s draft. Wow, that is exciting! But wait! The Celtics don’t need eight players. Oh, I know! That’s what’s so interesting.

The Celts have that number three pick and the consensus is, that will be a pick they keep. Yes, it has a lot of value, but it’s not the two or one pick and the Celtics really seem to like what they see from Croatian big man Dragan Bender. This mock draft that has a lot of hits is not only making me extremely jealous that I can’t get that many hits on an article, but it seems to reiterate that Bender could end up in Boston.

Now, it would be stupid to think the Celtics would use all of their picks. But with so many, it is tough to say exactly which ones they would deal. But with the Celtics needing some big men, Jahlil Okafor looks to be a guy they could trade for – yes, that Philadelphia 76ers guy who fought a fan.

Interestingly enough oo, the Celtics were tied to a local. They worked 12 guys out, two of whom hail from the Bay State. But one since announced he would be headed back to school for next season. The other is a senior and his name is Jake Layman. He went to Maryland and was actually pretty good. He looks like a mid-to-late second rounder. Could be like a Brian Scalabrine.

Layman, who went to King Philip, is from Wrentham. So yeah, the C’s could have an ex-Hockomock Leaguer.

Not that he was there, but my senior year of high school football, we beat King Philip in a pretty big playoff game. Seeing that I long snapped my name wasn’t in the recap, I probably did something right.  Not to mention it was like 30 degrees that day and I practiced in the snow at my house before the game.

Oh and the reason that first extra point didn’t go through is because the ref didn’t put the ball where I asked. The OCD in me would have loved a 21-12 game.

But yeah, one those kids could be Layman’s neighbor or something. You never know.

The Celtics have a lot of options headed into this one and Danny Ainge deserves a lot of credit: he really put them in a tremendous position to rebuild. Now, it’s time to see him act on it. They were a playoff caliber team this past season. Now, he has a few years to make this young up-and-coming team a dynasty.

So Danny, like Nike and that kid from Even Stevens said:


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