Cape Cod Announces "Second Summer" For New England Visitors

Cape Cod Announces "Second Summer" For New England Visitors

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce has launched a “second summer” fall marketing campaign in an effort to attract New Englanders to extend their summer travel through September and October.

“Potential visitors are going to be encouraged to take advantage of our warm temperatures, our beautiful beaches, the fresh seafood,” said Wendy Northcross, CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, during a Cape Cod Reopening Task Force press conference. “And there will be a lot of emphasis on outdoor adventures, including hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, kayaking. All the things that we’ve been doing successfully all summer remain very popular into the fall.”

So far, hotels on the Cape are “well booked” for the first half of September thanks to the flexible learning schedules of home schooling children.

While many shops and restaurants shut down or limit their hours after Labor Day, they have agreed to remain open longer this year to take advantage of the campaign and hopefully recoup some of their lost summer revenue.

The Second Summer Campaign targets those who live within a day’s drive from Cape Cod and are looking for a quick, relaxing getaway.

“Certainly this summer has been unconventional in a lot of ways,” said State Senator Julian Cyr, who represents Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard. “But there’s good reason to think that we’ll continue to see, as our [COVID-19] cases remain low and the weather holds out, we’ll continue to see visitors through early autumn.”

Cyr encourages fall visitors to the Cape to take advantage of the many wonderful outdoor activities which help keep COVID-19 transmission risks low. He also stressed the importance of sticking to "those big four rules: washing hands and surfaces frequently, keeping social distance, isolating if you are having symptoms or are feeling ill, and, of course, wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth when distancing isn’t possible.”

For more information about the fall season on the Cape, visit, a resource created by the Cape Cod Reopening Task Force for residents and visitors.

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