Cam Neely offers high praise for longtime active Bruin

Cam Neely offers high praise for longtime active Bruin

Cam Neely is apparently capable of giving out high praise.

This is not only because he is a front office executive for the Boston Bruins, but also because he had a tremendous NHL career himself. Remember, before Neely was making big decisions for the Bruins, the forward put up 590 points (344 goals,
246 assists) over a 13 year NHL tenure.

Well, now he is using his stature to say nice things about a current member of the Boston Bruins: one who has been on the team since the 2004-2005 season. It's a guy who has won the Selke Award four times and the Stanley Cup in 2011. It's the longest tenured member of the Boston Bruins.

That's right: we're talking about Patrice Bergeron here. Now this is what Neely had to say about him and where he ranks all-time among Bruins players.

“He’s up there. He’s as professional as they come, he’s prepared and he works hard,” Neely said, per NBC Sports Boston’s Joe Haggerty. “He’s such a good leader by example and then when he does decide to talk. He ranks up there as one of the best Bruins to ever put on the uniform.”

OK. This is seriously epic.

Neely is in the Hall of Fame and he's saying all these nice things about Bergeron. Clearly, that must mean Bergeron is going into the Hall of Fame at some point. That's what I take from this messaging, at least. Could be wrong, but it's what I want to think, so I'll use it as confirmation bias.

Bergeron is about to enter the 16th NHL season of his career and already, his stats are hella impressive. Coming into this upcoming season, he already has 813 career points to his name: 321 goals and 492 assists. That's pretty good, to say the least.

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