Bruins won't buyout anyone's contracts this summer

Bruins won't buyout anyone's contracts this summer

The Bruins are pretty happy with the guys they have right now, it seems.

If they’re not, that is a bit of a surprise. After all, Bruins general manager Don Sweeney told 98.5 The Sports Hub that the team will not be buying out any contracts this offseason. They then go on to question the man’s integrity by saying, “If Sweeney’s telling the truth”. But hey, it’s a reasonable critique. Sports people, celebrities government officials and even spouses aren’t 100 percent honest all of the time.

If this is the case though, it would be the first time the Bruins haven’t done it in three years. Guess who the other two were before scrolling down.

So the answers to that little trivia question is Dennis Seidenberg and Jimmy Hayes.

Let’s be honest, those were both justified. Hayes was not a productive member of the Bruins. It was better to pay him money to go away than it was to keep him even in Providence. It’s like when a little kid wants to make cookies but you know they’ll just make a mess and probably get egg shells in the cookies, so you tell them to go away and make the cookies yourself. Sometimes, that’s just how life works.

Do you think there was anyone on this roster who they should have bought out? Realistically, Adam McQuaid and David Backes are the only guys who comes to mind. But McQuaid definitely works as someone who you can get away with sliding out there as the 7th D man.

As for Backes, just hope he’s healthy because he could be decent again. He just makes too much money ($6 million per year) to give up on him entirely. They just have to hope they can get something out of him. Who knows? Maybe he can play in every game and be a 50-point guy this season. It’s still mystifying how he got so much money, but whatever...

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