Bruins searching for new national anthem singer

Bruins searching for new national anthem singer

The Boston Bruins can no longer rely on the greatest national anthem singer in NHL history to get the job done for them whenever they have a game.

That’s because Rene Rancourt announced his retirement last season. He had one of those David Ortiz type farewell tours. It really made people think about him as a person, not just the song he sings and the enjoyment it gives people. It’s fair to say that he will absolutely be missed by Bruins fans.

Now, it appears as though they are trying to replace him, unfortunately. It just doesn’t seem feasible though; how do you replace Rancourt and what he means to the Bruins organization? It will be tough, but that’s what they’re hoping to do prior to this season.

Online, the Bruins currently have started their search for the next big thing. People have until August 1 at 5 p.m. EST to submit themselves singing the national anthem online, either via a link or on a video they upload. If selected, said person will then be invited to perform it live at TD Garden on August 8 in hopes of earning a spot.

From there, the top singers will be put in the mix to sing it this year. From there, one has to assume they will probably try to pick the best from there.

If you want to give it a shot, here’s the link to the online part of the tryout.

Also, keep in mind this spot is for someone who can sing both the American and Canadian national anthems, so knowing the words to both is kind of a must. The Canadian one isn’t that hard to learn, fortunately.

Last point: they should consider having separate humans singing the two national anthems: one American and one Canadian.

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