Bruins right to fire Claude, timing irrelevant

You can’t say you’re absolutely shocked by this one. Or, you could, just to prove a point. Either way, it’s not practical.

The Boston Bruins unloaded to start the week, as most of you probably know by now. They dumped head coach Claude Julien with all the official business taking place during the Patriots Super Bowl parade, and took some heat online about it.

Say what you will, but this had to happen. Claude had been the Bruins head coach for over a decade. The last head coach the team had before him was Mike Sullivan. He coached his last game with the B’s in 2006. 2006! Mariah Carey was still topping the charts in 2006. Now she can’t even sing.

It’s not like the Bruins were dominant under Julien. They won one Stanley Cup. That’s nice. But in recent years, it’s been far from nice. They flopped late in the past back-to-back seasons. 2014-2015 ended without a playoff appearance 2015-2016 ended without a playoff appearance. This season very well may end without a playoff appearance. It sure as hell won’t end with a Stanley Cup — not with how much stronger the Metropolitan is than the Atlantic. The Bruins aren’t the Washington Capitals or Pittsburgh Penguins. They weren’t going to win under Julien. Might as well clean up shop and go with Bruce Cassidy and see how that goes.

Luckily for Julien, the Las Vegas Golden Knights are probably looking for a head coach, an experienced head coach.

So what about the Bruins now? Oh well. Not really much to say. They are what they are. They’re not built like a championship team. But a coaching change could help lead them in the right direction. Not sure if they’ll stick with Cassidy, but whatever they were doing wasn’t going to get them anywhere. Might as well do something different. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Now about that goaltending situation….

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