Bruins got it done in Round 1. Let's go!

Bruins got it done in Round 1. Let's go!

People had their doubts, but the Boston Bruins got it done. That's all there is to it.

The Bruins went toe to toe with one of the better teams in the game--the Toronto Maple Leafs--in the first round of the playoff and it was definitely shaky at times. At other times, however, the Bruins were downright dominant.

Maybe Tuukka Rask didn't exactly calm anyone's problems with his playoff performance. There's a lot of people who don't trust him in big games. To them, just remember, the GAA is obviously going to be higher when playing against a playoff team than it would be during the regular season. Some of their critiques are legit but hey, the Bruins won and are on to round two.

What really stood out in the series was how the offense was able to turn on the jets when necessary. The B's put up seven goals in two games during the series including their game seven win. A lot of people seem to be crowning Jake DeBrusk the game MVP of the final game from the first round, and I too believe he earned that distinction. Two goals. Would anyone have expected him to be the guy to step up when the Bruins needed it? Prob not but it's nice to know he is capable of it.

The B's have a real challenge now though. They're going to face a Tampa Bay Lightning team that is well-rested, so we shall see which side that is an advantage for. Who knows? Maybe Tampa Bay is a little rusty after having not played in awhile and the Bruins--although fatigued--are more ready to go than them.

Regardless of what happens, playoff hockey is the best hockey, so at least the fans are guaranteed some entertaining games to watch on TV or at the rink.

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