Bruins being led on defense

Bruins being led on defense

Sometimes, there's some facts about teams that will surprise you. Sometimes, it's a good thing. Other times, it's a bad thing and here, it's definitely on the positive side.
Through 35 games this season, the Bruins have allowed 89 goals which is the fewest of any NHL team. That's the kind of leadership the team needs if they're going to have a good season this year. And it's easy to see why they are doing this well despite the crazy amount of injuries they have suffered on defense: both of their goaltenders are having fine seasons.
Think about it: they have two capable guys back there. Jaroslav Halak (11-5-2, .930 save percentage, 2.20 goals allowed per game) and Tuukka Rask (8-7-2, .915 save percentage, .257 goals allowed per game) are a dynamic duo back there. They have a combined 21 quality starts--which is a pretty cool hockey stat (better than it is in baseball). So yeah, things are going pretty well there.

It's also worth noting that Zdeno Chara is getting closer to the ice once again which will provide the team with even more help on defense. Hockey Reference says it's unclear if he will be able to play in the team's December 27 bout against the New Jersey Devils but you know what? We'll take it. At least his name and possibly playing in a game are in the same sentence these days.

Where the team needs help, however, is on the attack. Their 97 goals scored ranks 23rd in the league, so obviously the Bruins should be looking at getting some help at forward in the next couple of months. Whether or not they'll actually do it is another thing, but we can at least talk about it for now and feel good about ourselves that we can address this issue.

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