Bruins are crumbling

If you were mad about the Boston Celtics struggles and you like the Bruins, then this might not be for you.

Lately, the Celtics have been struggling and they get a pass since they’ve played some real quality teams. Unfortunately, the Bruins can’t get a pass for their recent struggles.

Yes, they’ve played some good teams, but they came into last week at 15-10-1. And now they’re 16-3-3, so that’s like close to two weeks of 1-2-2 hockey. Seems kind of half-hearted, to be honest.

Last night, it was hard to expect anything other than a loss (not to attack one single player) with Anton Khudobin in net. He let up four goals and the B’s lost. Not surprised, though. He’s 1-5 with an .882 save percentage this season. Yeah. Depth in goal is not an asset of this Bruins team…

Honestly, you could say goaltending in general just isn’t their strength right now. Was Tuukka Rask incredible all throughout the month of November? Absofrigginlutely. But in his last five games, he’s let up 15 goals. So yeah, that’s not great.

It’s also worth noting some guys on the Bruins continue to underperform. Also, Jimmy Hayes’ ice time keeps dwindling and while he does have one goal on the year, it would be completely fair to say that’s a massive disappointment from what was expected.

Surprisingly, Patrice Bergeron only has one goal in nine games (three points total) in nine games this month, which seems a little low. And then Zdeno Chara — albeit a defenseman — only has one point this month (and a minus five rating). These guys are better than that, not to pin it on a couple guys But they need some of these guys they’re depending on to do more otherwise it’ll be another year like the last two — where the season ends when the regular season does.

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