Bruins 1st rounder Charlie McAvoy joins organization

Whether or not you like college hockey, pro hockey is more important than it.

That’s why Bruins fans have to feel pretty good right about now. Why? Because 2016 1st round pick, 14th overall pick, Charlie McAvoy recently ditched Boston University and decided it was time to join the Bruins organization — to get closer to his NHL career.

A freshman at Boston University this past season, the defenseman had 25 points (3 goals, 22 assists) in 37 games. Plus, the dude was on the US National Development team when he was younger, so clearly, there’s something special about him.

Now that he’s in the Bruins organization, he’s a member of the Providence Bruins, and will be for the last few games of their season. One has to wonder if the Bruins have any plans to use him late in the year because he’s talented. But let’s put it this way. I’m like eight months older than him and don’t know how to cook, pay taxes or do laundry, so I can’t imagine someone younger than me playing in the NHL.

It’s like that dude from Rookie of the Year.

You do have to be excited about it–and no that’s not an option. We can all agree, the Bruins lack depth in the defensive department. There’s a reason why there was rumors about the whole trading for a defenseman thing at the trade deadline. They didn’t do it. But it’s still a problem. McAvoy is gonna help them with that in the future.

So yeah, not really gonna impact the B’s this season. If they collapse, that’s on them. Their defense could use some help. They could use a better backup goaltender. They’ve got issues. You hope they’ll fix ’em up in the future. We’ll see though. But McAvoy in the system helps them solve one of those problems–so you’ve gotta feel good dawg. You just gotta.

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