Brian Cashman glad the Yankees didn't get Chris Sale

Brian Cashman glad the Yankees didn't get Chris Sale

Chris Sale is a member of the Boston Red Sox--and a very good one at that. He is an absolute ace. He is a major reason why the team won the World Series this year; he's a Cy Young Award candidate and the kind of guy this team probably could not have won without. Red Sox fans love him and apparently, Brian Cashman is pretty happy about the way it all worked out too.

Yes. The general manager of the New York Yankees was at the league's GM meetings earlier this week and when he was there, he told the media he was happy that he did not acquire Chris Sale when he had the chance to do such in 2016.

“Thank God I didn’t do that, actually, because you’d be missing some serious components of our major league club right now that are under control,” he said. “We wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if I did anything like that with the White Sox back then.”

Uhhhh.... sure, bud. The Yankees have dealt like 10 outfield prospects in the past two years trying to build themselves up and they still have way too many outfielders. The Red Sox got Sale for Michael Kopech and Yoan Moncada, neither of whom they needed because of the way the team was comprised. One has to just start questioning Cashman's honest if he's going to give BS responses like this.

After all, the Red Sox CLEARLY had a better team than the Yankees this season. They beat New York in the postseason and had a better regular season record. That said, he should rather have the Red Sox roster as opposed to his own team's. But we get it. He's a GM. He has to pretend he is confident in his own club. Whatever... It is what it is.


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