Breaking down everyone’s role on the Red Sox postseason roster


The Red Sox waited until Thursday morning to announce there playoff roster. But now that it’s out there, it’s time to break it down.

Starting pitching (4):

Rick Porcello — The right-handed ace. This guy is a Cy Young contender.

David Price — The left-handed ace. His lack of postseason success is troubling though.

Clay Buchholz — The No. 2 righty. Early season struggles are behind him.

Eddie Rodriguez — The No. 2 lefty. He was sharp after the All-Star break.

Bullpen (7):

Craig Kimbrel — The closer. Lights out for most of the season, but he’s hit some bumps recently.

Koji Uehara — The setup man/B closer. He’s been sharp — and he’s there if Kimbrel fails.

Joe Kelly — The seventh inning guy. His Cy Young stuff has translated well into relief.

Brad Ziegler — The righty. This guy shuts down right-handed hitters.

Robbie Ross Jr. — The lefty. This guy shuts down left-handed hitters.

Drew Pomeranz — The long lefty. A starter for much of the season, he could eat innings in a lopsider.

Matt Barnes — The mop-up. He had a good September, but the former starter should take care of it.

Catcher (2)

Sandy Leon — The catcher. He’s not hitting well lately but man, this guy can play defense.

Christian Vazquez — The backup catcher. See above.

Infield (8)

David Ortiz (DH) — The anchor. When they say, “the heart of the order”, it’s a reference to this guy.

Hanley Ramirez (1B) — The right-handed anchor. Hanley’s really turned it around, and he mashes left-handed pitching.

Dustin Pedroia (2B) — The captain. Find a more intense player in the game. Plus he’s a .300 hitter.

Xander Bogaerts (SS) — The shortstop. Best Red Sox shortstop since Nomar, even if he cooled off a bit.

Brock Holt (3B) — The flex seal. Guy fills the hole at any position. This time, it looks like it’s third base vs. righties.

Aaron Hill (3B) — The platoon partner. Holt can’t hit lefties. Hill can.

Travis Shaw (IF) — The backup first baseman. I mean, that’s the only reason he could be here. Right?

Marco Hernandez (IF) — The pinch runner. Quintin Berry wasn’t available. Hernandez isn’t bad at the plate either.

Outfield (4)

Mookie Betts (RF) — The MVP candidate. Guy does it all.

Jackie Bradley Jr. (CF) — Poor man’s Mookie. Also does it all. Probably better defensively too. One of the best OFers in baseball.

Andrew Benintendi (LF) — The left fielder. The rookie is hitting and he’s built like Yaz.

Chris Young (LF) — The much-needed right-handed power bat off the bench. Plus, he’ll start in left vs. lefties.

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