Break Out Of Your Winter Funk With Indoor Rock Climbing In Randolph

Break Out Of Your Winter Funk With Indoor Rock Climbing In Randolph

Adventure enthusiasts, amateur climbers, and those searching for a way to break out of their winter funk will love Central Rock Gym in Randolph! This indoor rock climbing studio features over 17,000 square feet of climbable terrain, and a yoga studio to get those muscles warm for the adventure ahead.  

Central Rock opened in 2015, and is the largest climbing gym in Southern Massachusetts! The facility features 3,000 square-feet of bouldering, a 45 foot tall lead wall, and more than 100 different climbing stations.

While the equipment is difficult enough to challenge even the most experienced climbers, there are also plenty of stations for novices and kids.

Consider hosting your next event at Central Rock. They offer children's birthday parties, family reunions, corporate team-building events, etc.

Central Rock also offers yoga classes, and courses on essential climbing techniques and safety.  This facility allows all levels of climbers to enjoy the climbing experience as well as using their whole body to get a great workout. 

Climbing can burn as many as 500 to 900 calories an hour. When compared to walking on a treadmill, this is nearly double the burn, but you will not even know it as you try to attain new heights.

Another great benefit to climbing at Central Rock is the climate-controlled environment. Unlike New England's real rock faces, Mother Nature cannot stop you from trying a new adventure.

Central Rock offers day passes and the necessary climbing gear for rent if you do not have your own. Equipment rentals are about $35 per person. 

So if you are a long time climber or a novice looking for a great way to challenge yourself, stop by or give Central Rock a call to set up your next climbing adventure. 

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