Brad Stevens and Josh McDaniels are boys now

Brad Stevens and Josh McDaniels are boys now

You know how people feel happy when they hear about two other famous people getting along despite the fact that they have not met either one of them? Well, this is exactly what happened here and to be fair, we're happy about it as well.

So... the big news broke in The Boston Globe this week that Brad Stevens and Josh McDaniels have become friends. Yes, the head coach of the Boston Celtics and the offensive coordinator/potential future head coach of the New England Patriots are friends. That's awesome. It's like David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski's friendship. We need more of that in the Boston sports world. These guys do a great job lifting each other up, and that's what it's all about.

What's interesting about Stevens though is he kind of takes the Patriots approach to basketball. He doesn't really believe in set positions so much as getting the best five players on the court. He wants them all doing their jobs and while the starting lineup has some big names in it, they've gotten some sneaky good bench players for some good deals.

But yeah, the Globe said McDaniels and Stevens talk on a regular basis and their wives and kids are close. McDaniels takes his kids to Celtics games and all that. It's really nice: two smart, young coaches bonding. If Stevens can learn some stuff from the Patriots, that's definitely a good thing. There's a lot of great coaches in Boston sports right now (and whoever coaches the Bruins.., just kidding, of course).

So now, the question is: which friendships would you like to see in Boston sports? My pick is Zdeno Chara and Rafael Devers. They seem like they'd get along great, if we're being honest. Tom Brady has Kevin Youkilis as a brother-in-law, so my guess is dealing with that is enough for him....

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