Brad Marchand listed as an MVP candidate this season

Brad Marchand listed as an MVP candidate this season

Betting odds are always a very interesting phenomenon when it comes to making predictions in the sports world. Are they correct 100 percent of the time? Of course not. Are you right 100 percent of the time? Probably not. Am I right 100 percent of the time? Hell no, but that won't stop me.

With that in mind, you're ready to take in the information we are about to give you. It turns out that Boston Bruins wing Brad Marchand is apparently in MVP contention this upcoming season. No joke.

Bovada (a prominent sports betting company) recently put out their odds for who they believe will win the Hart Memorial Trophy (the NHL's MVP Award). Was Marchand favored to win it? Not by a longshot, but he is at least in contention, according to the folks putting together the odds.



Marchand is listed at 25 to 1 odds. That's not on the level of Connor McDavid (10 to 3) or Sidney Crosby (13 to 2), but no one really has particularly amazing odds. They really don't know who is going to win it. All they know is he's one of the best players in the league. That's something you should remember too. They don't just put anyone on betting odds (unless it's Kim Kardashian with 500 to 1 odds to be elected president to rip off the uninformed).

But yeah, Marchand is certainly a candidate; the guy put up 85 points in 68 regular season games last season. It was also his third straight 30+ goal season.
It's also worth noting that David Pastrnak was given 100-to-1 odds after putting up 80 points last season.

In case you were wondering who the last Bruins player to win the MVP award was, that would be Phil Esposito back in the 1973-1974 season. Very interesting stuff.

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