Brace for a Price-less Red Sox season

The $217 million man could take his $31 million salary this season from the sidelines.

Red Sox pitcher David Price experienced “extreme soreness” during a simulated outing during the week and after getting an MRI, he is set to receive a second opinion for Dr. James Andrews. No offense to Andrews, but he’s a name baseball fans never like hearing. He’s usually the guy who decides whether or not a guy needs Tommy John Surgery. And typically, Red Sox pitchers only go there if they really do need the surgery.

Consistently one of the top pitchers in the American League, Price had also been one of the most durable pitchers around — in addition to one of the best. He ate an American League-best 230 innings last year. Oh, and his career ERA is 3.21, primarily pitching in the American League East.

Assuming Price is not pitching this season, Eduardo Rodriguez takes his spot in the Red Sox rotation. That’s why teams stock up on pitching depth — in case something like this happens. If Price is healthy, then Eddie starts the year in the minors. If he’s not, Eddie is a big league pitcher and the Red Sox starting pitching depth is unsatisfactory.

Sure, Brian Johnson is a lot better than Joe Schmoe thinks, same with Roenis Elias, but Steven Wright, Drew Pomeranz and Eddie haven’t pitched full big league seasons yet. Those are some real capable pitchers, so of course, the Red Sox want some high-quality replacement arms.

Seriously though, their AAA rotation is pretty good — it would just be better if the Red Sox were to sign say Doug Fister to an MiLB deal and tossed Henry Owens into a trash can where he belongs. Just kidding, of course. As far as No. 8-9 starters — which is what Owens is in the organization — you can’t ask for much better. I mean, he threw a no-hitter in HS.

Look on the bright side though: at least Price won’t be pitching in the playoffs, assuming he’s hurt.


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