Boston sports represented on Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Forbes magazine is a pretty big deal. Like they’re on the list of magazines that if you get a name drop in, you’ve pretty much made it in life.

They do the whole 30 under 30 thing ever year and it’s a big deal — and it should be. They interview a lot of high profile people and have talented writers so it makes sense. Plus any time when a media outlet ranks someone, it’s a big deal. For real, I’ve helped pick high school All-State football teams and kids use that stuff to try to get recruited. That’s a completely off-track brag but here’s the big deal:

Four people with Boston sports ties were selected to the sports section of Forbes’ 2017 30 under 30. Here’s a look at all of them:

Martellus Bennett, 29 — Pro Bowl tight end, New England Patriots. This dude is like the Aaron Hernandez to their Rob Gronkowski. Not only that, but he’s on the list because he’s also investing in children’s toys and short films. Interesting indeed!

Mookie Betts, 24 — Not much I can say about this guy that you’re not already thinking. He’s the closest thing the Red Sox will ever have to Mike Trout. Oh and he’s one hell of a bowler. But yeah, total superstar. Plus his initials are MLB, if you care.

Katie Nolan, 29 — Yeah. She’s from Framingham, Mass. For those who aren’t familiar first of all, shame on you and second of all, she won a sports Emmy as the host of “Garbage Time with Katie Nolan” on FS1. She’s also @KatieNolan on Twitter with close to 300k followers.

Chris Sale, 27 — He’s great with scissors. No, but really, it just said on their site that he was good last year and the Red Sox traded for him. Weird, but at least they get the whole greatness thing.

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