Boston Pizza Tours

Boston is a place where all the flavours of the world come together to form a completely new one, and it isn’t any different with regards to its pizza culture either. Boston pizzas are an accumulation of the different pizza styles not only over the United States but all across the world, and Boston Pizza Tours gives you an opportunity to explore all that your mind can imagine, and more.

There are two types of pizza tours that you can set out on in Boston: the Pizza and North End tour and the Pizza and Tavern tour – both of which include several trips to different pizzerias throughout the Boston area. Both these tours can be considered extremely cost-efficient in that the North End tour costs around $40 for a 2.5 hours tour of Boston’s oldest neighborhood while the other costs $50 for a land and sea trip around Boston harbour. Each Pizza place stopped by has some story associated with it and every slice of Pizza feels rich in flavor and history. The north end tour boasts stops such as at the spot where the “Crime of the century” occurred as well as providing a great view of Charlestown Navy yard, Bunker Hill Memorial, and many more historical spots around the city. As for the Historic Taverns tour, it includes some of the best pizza around Boston which includes a slice of one of the top-25 best pizzas in America.

The hardworking tour guides and the entire atmosphere of the places gone around are guaranteed to ensure that your tour is a fun, unforgettable experience that you’ll treasure among some of your very best pizza adventures. It might get a little too cheesy at times, and sometimes a little too crusty, but in the end it’s just the kind of trip any pizza lover, or anyone in general should definitely check out.

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