Boston Late Transit Sevice

If you stepped out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day yesterday in Boston and took the Boston transit back home at 2 a.m, you might not have the same luxury after celebrations next year. The Boston late transit service started operating until 2 a.m. roughly two years ago and now they are rethinking this given the low ridership.

According to the 2014 American Community Survey estimate, the median age of Boston is 31.3. This is lower than the median age of New York which is 35.7 and San Fransisco which is 38.6. But, unlike New York and San Fransisco, Boston is not a city that never sleeps. Despite the high youth population in Boston, the transit system does not show a bustling nightlife presence.

Given the low number of riders, on the Boston transit popularly known as T, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has decided to resume old operation hours. This means the Boston transit will operate from 5 a.m. until 1 a.m. throughout the week. While there aren’t many riders on the transit during the wee hours, this news does not favor people working late shifts.

Even though a recent survey indicated that 49 percent of surveyed millennials said they take the subway to work, they are clearly not keen on taking it back home from Boston during wee hours. Rather than their nightlife, Boston is known for its educational institutions, sports teams, and even culinary delights. In addition to that, there are numerous fun and engaging events ongoing throughout the year. But, these things don’t require people to be out and about during wee hours.

If you’ve been indulging in night outs around Boston, then this is not the news you’re looking for. But, if you haven’t enjoyed the 2 a.m. transit yet then this weekend is your last opportunity. Regardless, enjoy your night out in Boston until 2 a.m. this weekend because that’ll change!

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