Boston Gondola Tours

During the warm and sunny days in Boston there are plenty of things you can do. Whether you’re a Boston local or plan to visit the city for a few days, Charles River is definitely a destination you’ll visit. Out of the many river adventure options, if you ever want to experience a Gondola ride (like the one in Venice) without leaving Boston then you’ll surely enjoy the Boston Gondola Tours option. You can sail through the Charles River in exclusive Gondolas brought in all the way from Venice, Italy just to give you the exclusive experience of being in Venice without actually being there.

Gondola di Venezia has over four tour packages you can choose from, with everything carefully planned to make this experience as comfortable and exclusive as you hope it could be. Prices range from $100-$230 and the packages vary according to the luxuries that have been provided. For those looking to splurge the cash on an extra-romantic cruise may indulge in the Bellisimo Tour that offers an hour-long cruise, a musician, a dozen roses, a framed photograph of your tour, a pair of wine and champagne, rich chocolates and fresh strawberries, which can be further made more romantic by booking a night trip which has a romantic candle-lit ambiance to it. For those just looking for a standard tour, there’s still a lot on offer, with a private 45-minute cruise, rich chocolates, crackers and cheese and recorded Italian music on offer.

But the point is, that regardless of which package you choose, the experience will be an unforgettable one nonetheless. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner or just looking for a relaxing, luxurious ride through the gentle currents of the Charles River, Gondola di Venezia looks to provide you with an unforgettable Venetian experience from right here in the heart of Boston.

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