Sample The Best Of Cambridge With 4 Unique Neighborhood Food Tours

Sample The Best Of Cambridge With 4 Unique Neighborhood Food Tours

Boston is known for its incredible dining. Our fair city serves up everything from vegan ice cream to ostrich burgers and of course, seafood.

Those hoping to experience the best of Boston tend to head to Cambridge, which is why Off The Beaten Path Food Tours offers four different options in Cambridge alone.

There's the Harvard Square Cambridge Chocolate Tour, the Harvard Square Cambridge Food & History Tour, the Kendall Square Cambridge Food & Innovation Tour, and the Central Square Cambridge Food & Mural Arts Tour.

The Harvard Square Chocolate Tour

The Chocolate Tour speaks for itself. It is all about everyone's favorite sweet treat! Participants will sample a variety of unique chocolate options including chocolate bars, rich chocolate brownies or doughnuts, and high quality cookies. You can even try cacao juice, directly from the chocolate fruit!

The Harvard Square Food & History Tour

Those interested in a taste of Harvard Square - Julia Child's favorite neighborhood and the site of Mark Zuckerberg's favorite pizza - will love this delicious and historical tour.

Visit the music hall where Joan Baez was discovered, enjoy appetizers and local beer inside a world-famous underground tavern, taste traditional Latin cuisine with a modern twist, and much more!

The Kendall Square Food & Innovation Tour

Kendall Square has a modern, urban feel and a cutting edge food scene. Sample Jewish baked goods, savory pan-fried dumplings, farm-to-table cuisine, delicious pizza, and hand-crafted ice cream.

Your local guide will teach you all about the biotech vibe of the neighborhood. Finally, you'll wrap up the tour by enjoying a cocktail (or mocktail) at one of the classiest lounges in the city.

The Central Square Food & Mural Arts Tour

This funky, culturally diverse neighborhood is known for its art scene. Check out the large-scale art murals that grace the walls and restaurants along Massachusetts Avenue. Learn all about the background of these murals, their themes, and the stories of their artists. 

Food and drink offerings include handcrafted bubble tea, the best grilled cheese in the city, a fun and nostalgic 21+ arcade, and delicious bao sandwiches. Don't miss the area's famous Graffiti Alley!

Check out all the fabulous offerings from Off The Beaten Path Food Tours on their website!


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