Blackstone Valley Canal Tours

If you want to get in touch with nature, the scenic and historic Blackstone Valley Canal Tours is just the perfect getaway for you. You can choose to walk, bike or boat, but regardless of your mode of transport or route through the canal, you will have a wonderful time.

Hike along the Canal

Do you prefer walking? Then strap on your comfortable shoes and hike along the woods and the countryside next to the canal! There is a towpath that you can follow which starts from Stanley Woolen Mill, around 4 miles from the canal and just north to Plummer’s Landing. This route takes you all the way through the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park (Uxbridge, Massachusetts), so you can enjoy a quiet hike. 

Canoe or Kayak through the Canal

If you want a water trip, you can canoe through the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park. You have a lot to do because you can go to Goat Hill, check out canal locks at Lock #25 or watch turtles near the Stanley Woolen Mill. Also, you can go to the Blackstone Gorge and see the locks that have best stood the test of time. You can paddle up to Milville Lock #21 and then make your way back to the gorge, hiking around some of the more difficult parts of the Blackstone River. Alternatively, get on at Front Street in the Blackstone State Park (Lincoln, Rhode Island) and paddle up to the Kelly House Transportation Museum, which is an interesting place with delicious food.

Bike by the Canal

A third way to explore the canal is on your bicycle. You might want to try out the 2.5 mile bikeway from Worcester to Millbury that offers bits and pieces of the canal along the way. If you want a longer ride, there is a bikeway that stretches a glorious 12 miles from the Woonsocket-Lincoln town line down to Cumberland. In between you’ll come across pieces of the canal, mills, the Providence & Worcester Railroad, and even the Lonsdale Marsh. Immerse in the warmth of nature and tired bikers can stop halfway at the Kelly House Transportation Museum.

Visit the Blackstone Valley Canal, which was built in 1828 and is a testament to architecture from another era. You can choose your preferred mode of travel and take part in a range of engaging activities across the canal.

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