Bill Belichick will not buy Tom Brady’s book

I never thought of Bill Belichick as the book reading type, unless that book was about football.

As Patriots fans must know by now, Tom Brady wrote a book. It seems to mostly be promoting his TB12 brand from what I have seen about it and even so, it still is No. 1 on the best-seller list. People are more interested in his book than the presidential runner up’s. That right there should tell you how much interest there is in what makes Tom Brady who he is and as good as he is. It’s impressive.

While the book might be selling a ton of copies, I can think of two people who aren’t gonna buy it. Myself would be one person since my life’s goal is to never eat an avocado. The other person would be his team’s head coach, Bill Belichick. To be fair though, his reasoning makes a lot of sense.

Fair point, Bill. The only thing he cares about is if Brady can keep throwing well.

Belichick has been around Brady for a long time. I’m sure he knows all he cares to know about his quarterback at this point. Belichick is also an older gentlemen and probably not one who wants to diet and train like Tom Brady. Belichick isn’t really the target audience for a book like this. It’s Belichick’s job to find more people like Tom Brady. That takes time and effort.

When he’s away from the field, Belichick, might even have a personal life (unconfirmed at this time). If he does, then it would make even more sense that he would not want to use that time to read his quarterback’s book.

Plus, if we’re being honest, Belichick should really get a free book. Same goes for Ernie Adams. It would make a great paperweight for them.


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