Big sneaker is fighting over Gordon Hayward

Big sneaker is fighting over Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward will be a great asset to the Boston Celtics this upcoming season. He will be healthy, ready to go and will contribute to the best team in the NBA’s Eastern Conference (no citation needed).

Not only will he be an upgrade for the Celtics in the big man department, but he may also provide a major boost in another industry--the shoe industry. That’s because Hayward is being courted by four sneaker companies at the moment who want to make a Hayward line of shoes.

On Twitter, verified account Nick DePaula (not to be confused with Nick DiPaolo) wrote, “Gordon Hayward is receiving strong interest from 4 sneaker brands. In addition to interest from Nike and New Balance, Chinese brand Anta is pitching the Celtics All-Star with a multi-year shoe deal offer this evening in San Diego.”



So yeah, that’s some very big stuff for Hayward. People want him as an ambassador to represent their company. They see him on a level where he is the kind of guy whose shoes young kids want to buy. They think he’s good and hip enough that he’d be a good asset. It takes a very good player for that to happen. That should give you an idea of just how impactful Hayward should be for the C’s this season.

As for the shoes themselves, I probably won’t buy a pair. It’s like with prescription drugs. You’re paying for the brand. You’re paying for their ads and for Gordon Hayward’s right to the shoe. Generics shoes work just as well with a much lower cost. Besides, most people aren’t looking at your shoes out in public (maybe Rex Ryan is); they don’t have to look all that good. Just wear shoes.

But yeah, it's pretty cool. He deserves to have some shoes named after him at this point.

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