5 Must-Try Desserts From The North End's Finest Bakeries

5 Must-Try Desserts From The North End's Finest Bakeries

Boston's North End offers more than just homemade pasta and authentic Italian pizza. The neighborhood also features some of the finest desserts in America!

In fact, the Phantom Gourmet recently named the tiramisu at Bova's Bakery the best in the country! It is airy and creamy with crunchy lady fingers and just the right hint of coffee flavor. 

In addition to their award winning tiramisu, Bova's also serves incredible homemade cannoli and cheesecake. But they certainly aren't the only game in town!

Here are four more must-try treats from some of the North End's finest bakeries:

Cannoli at Maria’s Pastry Shop

Maria's crunchy fried dough cannoli filled with sweet ricotta cheese were voted “Best of Boston 2019” by @bostonmagazine, which makes their closing all the more heartbreaking. That's right, after almost 50 years in business, this North End icon will shut its doors for good on September 15. Go try Boston's best cannoli while you still can!

Torrone at Modern Pastry Shop

Torrone is a classic Italian nougat candy made with honey, sugar, egg whites and nuts. Modern pastry Shop serves traditional white torrone as well as cappuccino torrone (dipped in a blend of milk chocolate and espresso beans) and caramel torrone covered in caramel and semi-sweet chocolate.

La Sfogliatella at Mike’s Pastry

Sfogliatella translates to "thin leaf/layer," but most English speakers know this historic Italian dessert as a “lobster tail.” Dating back to the 16th-century Amalfi Coast, this layered, crusty baked pastry is filled with sweet white or yellow cream.

Biscotti at Parziale Italian Bakery

Biscotti is one of the best known Italian desserts, but Parziale is a well-kept secret. The Parziale family came to America from Napoli in 1907, and is best known for their authentic pizza. When it comes to dessert, their biscotti can't be beat. Try the almond, anise, or cinnamon raisin with a fresh cup of espresso for dipping!

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