Believe the Ryan Donato hype

Believe the Ryan Donato hype

There's something special about Ryan Donato, I'm telling you.

Granted, if you're reading this, you probably already knew that. There's a reason why he was on the US Olympic team this year. Well first of all, NHL players weren't allowed to play but other than that, it was because he was one of the best college hockey players in the country. He was so good in fact that he was really wasting his time playing college hockey when he should have been playing in the NHL. The Bruins finally recognized that and it paid off for them.

Donato put up three points in his NHL debut, in case you missed it. Oh, and he's still a student at Harvard University. The 21-year-old legit still takes classes there. He didn't do what I would've done and threw all of my books out the window when the Bruins called me up. No, this dude is a Harvard student and an NHL player at the same time. That's pretty cool.

The guy is on a tear. He's on a 2-game scoring streak.


Seriously, this is the kind of guy you have to be excited to watch. The Bruins don't have the best of health at the moment, so they needed some bodies. It was past the trade deadline, so they pull up a stud from Scituate, Mass. That's right, he's a South Shore guy. That has to give him some cool points, right?

Maybe it's not for people on the North Shore, other regions of the state or other states in the region but hey, the South Shore sticks together--and it's a breeding ground for NHL talent. Remember that. Also remember that pickles go good on pizza and there's nothing weird about ordering pickle and chicken pizza. It's only a "weird" pizza if it doesn't taste good. That's your other advice for the day. 


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