Another reason why TB12 is GOAT

If you thought Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time, hold on a sec before making that argument again. Here’s another fact you can use to back that up.

So on Sunday, TB12 picked up his 201st career win under center for the New England Patriots. Yeah, we know, more wins than any other Patriot quarterback ever. But yeah, also more wins than any other quarterback in NFL history. He was tied with Peyton Manning before, but now he’s got him by a game in about two less seasons of play.

OK. Yeah. I know. Wins are a stupid stat. I know I’ve killed them when talking about baseball before because they’re not a tell-all stat. Your team does a lot for your team to win and obviously, Tom Brady has had some great teams around him — so good that Matt Cassel was able to lead the Patriots to an 11-5 season before. But for real, that doesn’t take anything away from Brady. Teams don’t win without a good quarterback. Tom Brady is a little bit better than good but yeah, you know what I mean.

Right now, this year, Brady is working on what very well may go down as the best year of his NFL career — deflategate and all. He’s thrown 18 TD passes in seven games and only one interception. Just looking at the ridiculously low turnover rate should tell you thinking: he’s special.

Honestly, the way he is playing this year gives fans a reason to feel good — even with Rob Gronkowski out. For real, Gronk didn’t have a major impact on many tight games this year. These Pats are 10-2 right now, they’re in good shape — as long as they’ve got Brady — which they do right now — and they should for the rest of this 2016 season.

The end.


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