Alex Cora admits he listens to sports talk radio too

Alex Cora admits he listens to sports talk radio too

It's not good for you, but Alex Cora does it anyways.

The manager of the Boston Red Sox made a shocking revelation recently when he revealed to Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria that he does, in fact, listen to sports talk radio.

Here's what he had to say about it:

"I listen to you guys sometimes and I’m like, ‘Man, that’s not …’ But it’s not something I take personally," Cora told them recently. "That’s who I am. I think working at ESPN for four years taught me and Boonie (Yankees manager Aaron Boone) how to deal with it."

Cora said he didn't use to listen to talk radio as a player, but now he's all-in ... for the most part.

"When you guys talk about the Patriots and the Celtics and all that I enjoy it," he said. "When you guys talk about the Red Sox … Angry Lou."


So this is actually very interesting. Sports talk radio can be brutal in Boston. It's very cool to get Merloni and Fauria's perspectives as a former Red Sox player and Patriots player respectively, but let's be real, there are some real dolts in the Boston sports radio scene.

We're not gonna name any names as to who is good and who is bad--because that's a matter of opinion. But let's be honest, Felger and Mazz has to be on the list of garbage--especially when they hated on the 108-win Red Sox last season on such a regular basis.

So yeah, there you have it: Cora does a normal guy thing. I bet he also drinks water, breathes oxygen and drives a car too. Those are all things I do as well. Very relatable human being.

But yeah, normally pro athletes and coaches pretend they ignore all of this stuff. It's good to get one guy who is truthful here...

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