A Lazyman’s Halloween by Chowdaheadz

Everyone knows that person that waits until the last minute to put together a Halloween costume and then proceeds to ask every one of their friends for ideas. If that person is you, we’ve put together costume ideas that take just about no effort at all. Plus, Chowdaheadz ships wicked fast so no need to worry about throwing something together last minute! Check out some ideas below:

1. The Maineiac Lumbahjack

The Lumbahjack is the perfect costume for that friend that has a long unruly beard. Our Buffalo Plaid Maine Tailgater hoodie (or t-shirt depending on weather) along with our Maine state ‘Lumbahjack’ hat are the perfect things to kick off your costume. To round out the costume, add a pair of work boots and a plastic hatchet. With this costume your friends will think you came straight out of the woods of Maine.

2. The Beer Huntah

Bar to bar, fridge to fridge, you’re relentless when it comes to hunting down the nearest ice cold beer. Never give up, never back down. Show your friends you never let a beer get away with our beer hunter costume. Our Beer Huntah Tailgater Hoodie along with our Shamrock Beer Dirty Water Hat and a Boston Bartender Bottle Opener and you will be on your way your hunting down a 30 rack. Add a growler in with your costume to house all the beer you trap to finish up the costume.

3. The Green Monstah

The Green Monster is an icon around New England, and although you can’t be him all the time you can at least try for a night. Our Boston Monstah shirt together with our Green Fenway Hat will start your transformation you into Wally. Toss in a Louisville Slugger, baseball and pair of cleats and you’re set.

4. A Local Hiker

Everybody loves to hike New England in the fall and see all the beautiful foliage. Now is the time to break out the hiking gear with our Take a Hike Lightweight Hoodie paired with our New Hampshire Patch Trucker Hat. If you add some hiking boots and a trail map then there will be no denying that you just came off of the mountain.

5. The Grill Mastah

Everybody loves the person who’s running the grill because that means food. And who doesn’t love food? What we’re saying is, be the Grill Mastah this Halloween and everyone will love you. You will have to be super committed to bring food with you, but we have everything else you need. Our License to Grill t-shirt along with our Grill Master Apron are the perfect costume. If you want to add some more flair, the Grill Mastah Sportula and the costume will be complete.

Get these items and more by visiting our Halloween Collection below. And be sure to send us pictures of your lazy Halloween costumes on Facebook, Instagram or emailing us here!

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