70's Inspired Sushi Lounge Invites You To BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl)

70's Inspired Sushi Lounge Invites You To BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl)

Vinyl records were all the rage from the 1950s straight on through the 80s when they fell victim to cassette tapes.

Thanks to the hipsters of the world, vinyl made a major comeback around 2007. This "vinyl revival" continues to this day with music purists hailing it the best quality in sound.

If you have a fabulous collection of scratch-free vinyl, share it with the community at Hojoko Bar & Restaurant.

Located in the Fenway, this spot's new lounge, "The Groove," lets you share some of your B-sides, hits, and deep cuts with other vinyl enthusiasts. 

The 70's inspired lounge featuring a newly designed menu inspired by chef Rob Wong. Bring along your records and the spot's local DJs may just spin them for you.  

The menu is inspired by izakaya staples, such as kimcheese fries, short rib katsu and tuna tataki. (For those who have never heard of an izakaya, its the Japanese term for a tavern.)

The feeling is light and casual, but the menu offers an air of sophistication.

There are different theme nights to give vinyl fans a chance to hear their favorite disco, funk, and rock records. And, of course, they feature live acts, too.

BYOV "Bring Your Own Vinyl" nights are your chance to show off your stuff among like-minded music lovers.

Give your ears and taste buds an experience like no other at Hojoko Bar & Restaurant's new Groove Lounge!

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