5 Of New England’s Scariest Haunted Attractions For A Screamin’ Halloween

New England knows how to do Halloween – after all, we are home to Salem, the birthplace of American terror. For those who aren’t satisfied with the kiddie version of the holiday with the candy, pumpkins and cider, here are 5 incredibly frightening haunted attractions to get your blood pumping!

Factory of Terror, West Warwick, RI – Fall River, MA – Worcester, MA

The West Warwick location is a massive scream park with six separate attractions: Ghost Cemetery at Centerville Falls, Psycho Alley, Dracula’s Hideaway, Black Out and Asylum of Screaming Souls, plus Mission Combat Laser Tag. The MA locations may vary, but still guarantee the ultimate in horror. Great costumes, seasoned actors and three locations with park-hopper options means you can experience every scare the Factory of Terror has to offer this year.

Field of Screams, West Greenwich, Rhode Island

This fright park offers three haunted attractions for the price of one, including the Dead River Haunted Hayride where ghosts and ghouls emerge from the mist to drag you to your doom; the 4-D Cirque du Souls – a terrifying maze filled with deranged clowns around every turn; and the Haunted Insane Asylum, a dark and foreboding place full of vengeful disembodied spirits.

If you’re still thirsty for more terror, you can participate in Field of Screams’ wildly popular Zombie Paintball for an additional fee. Each team boards a 5 ton military combat truck covered in bolted down guns. Your drill instructor will shout and berate you as the zombies attempt to overtake your vehicle. Work together if you want to survive!

Harvest of Horrors, Falmouth, MA

Another haunted hayride, but this bad-boy goes on for 20 acres worth of scares, followed by a hike through the deep dark forest. Be prepared for twisted scarecrows and dearly departed settlers in their colonial garb. Don’t forget to look up in the trees – animatronics as well as live actors are used so no place is safe!

Haunted Acres, Candia, New Hampshire

This massive haven of horror set deep in the New Hampshire woods is not for the faint of heart. It all centers around Area 52, a secret government facility where illegal experiments created some terrifying residents. The 3-D Nuclear Accident House is a radiation infused lab crawling with mutants and lunatics. There’s the Quarter Mile Nightmare Walk through the pitch dark forest where escaped residents lurk. The Graveyard of the Damned contains the bodies of the worst failed experiments Area 52 conducted over the years…but the souls may not be at rest. The Maze from Hell is exactly what it sounds like – a pitch black labyrinth with ghouls at every turn.

Haunted Overload, Lee, New Hampshire

Not only is this attraction horrifying, a portion of the profits go towards helping the kitties and pups of the Cocheco Valley Humane Society! Haunted Overload has twice been voted one of the 13 Best Haunted Attractions in the whole country so you know it’s good! The show consists of three “levels of fear” so all ages can enjoy. The Day Haunt is a perfect opportunity to see the attractions in the safety of the daylight without any costumed actors leaping out. Fright Night Light is a chance to enjoy the darkened sets with all the spooky sounds, but without the scary characters. Haunted Overload is for the bravest of them all. The award winning show features creatures galore, stunning sets and spectacular costumes – NOT for children or scaredy cats!




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