5 New England Indoor Gardens For A Taste Of Spring Amid The Snow

5 New England Indoor Gardens For A Taste Of Spring Amid The Snow

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is all too real and ready to rear its ugly head with the current weather in New England. If you are feeling sluggish, depressed and moody from dark skies, cold winds and piles of dirty snow, take a day trip to one of these gorgeous New England indoor gardens!

Each has its own selection of flowers and blossoms currently in bloom despite the weather!

1. Dartmouth College Life Sciences Greenhouse
Hanover, New Hampshire

This greenhouse features 1,000 different orchids and more than 600 tropical, subtropical, and succulent plants. Several colorful flowers like the orchid above are currently in bloom and ready to lift your spirits. Bring that special someone or the whole family along for an indoor “picnic” in the foliage-filled multipurpose room!


2. Hyatt Regency Greenwich Garden Atrium
Old Greenwich, Connecticut

The four-story lobby of the Greenwich Hyatt Regency Hotel is the stuff of dreams with 50-foot ficus trees, lush green grass and an indoor waterfall! The Gazebo Bar & Grill and Winfield’s restaurant are both located adjacent to the tropical garden so you can enjoy a cocktail and an appetizer as you take in the view. Superb evening lighting makes this spot a romantic retreat for stir-crazy couples to escape the winter chill! 


3. Logee’s
Danielson, Connecticut

William D. Logee began his nursery business in 1900 when he was just eight years old with a single Ponderosa lemon tree that still draws a crowd today! The family-owned business now consists of six greenhouses and a retail shop packed with rows and rows of exotic plants, trees and flowers.


4. Lyman Estate Greenhouses
Waltham, Massachusetts

Created on the Waltham estate of Theodore Lyman in 1804, this is one of America’s oldest greenhouses. The complex now features four newly renovated brick-and-glass structures filled with rare plants sought out by collectors around the world. Visit in March to see the 1820 Camellia House’s century-old specimens in bloom. 


5. Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
Providence, Rhode Island

This 23,000-square-foot terrarium is New England's largest indoor garden! It features fountains and ponds with circling Koi fish, as well as endless species of flowers, cacti, succulents and even carnivorous plants. 

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