5 Great Spots In Boston For A Warm, Comforting Bowl Of Ramen

5 Great Spots In Boston For A Warm, Comforting Bowl Of Ramen

Boston has no shortage of trendy ramen joints - and for good reason! Ramen is hot, healthy (sometimes) and delicious. When the chill of winter gets you down, head to one of these fabulous restaurants for a bowl of tasty, comforting Japanese noodles!

Yume Wo Katare

This Porter Square restaurant turns meal prep into entertainment. All of the communal tables face the chefs so you can watch them create your Jiro-style ramen. The broth simmers for 24 hours with pork bones to give it a salty, savory flavor. The noodles are scratch-made in-house, and each bowl is loaded with garlic and sliced pork to your specifications. Yume Wo translates to “talk about your dreams,” and the chefs encourage patrons to stand up and share their life goals after their meal. Make sure you practice your speech in the mirror!


Ruckus offers modern yet authentic ramen creations in Chinatown. The tori paitan ramen features chicken broth, a soy egg, leeks, purple cauliflower, and crispy-skinned fried chicken - yum! Additional options include tsukamen dip (buckwheat noodles and squash curry), shoryuken ramen (pork neck, yuba and shoyu broth), black garlic mazemen (togarashi lamb, soy egg, nori, and chili), and miso lit ramen (spicy miso broth, ground pork, soy, egg, nori, and Ruckus paste). Feel free to personalize your ramen with additional sides, known as “Swag.”

Little Big Diner

Just a hop, skip and a jump over in Newton, you’ll find a city-worthy pan-Asian menu with five varieties of ramen plus a seasonal selection! Choose from paitan chicken, chili chashu pork paitan, miso ramen (spicy or not), shoyu ramen, vegetarian pumpkin ramen, OR upgrade to the Chef’s Ultra Ramen, which combines each of the options into one bowl! 

Snappy Kitchen

Snappy Kitchen in Davis Square is known for its ramen and top-notch sushi. They offer a huge selection of vegetarian and meat-based broths including Spicy, Miso, Tantan, Veggie or Shoyu options. Choose from nine add-ons to create your perfect ramen!


Located in the Eliot Hotel on Commonwealth Ave., Uni features a late night ramen menu on Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm-1am. They offer three ramen options a week scrawled on a cardboard menu. Some consider it the best ramen secret in town, but that may just be the late night munchies talking!

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