3 Places for the ultimate Boston Baked Beans

Boston has lots to offer in terms of food but their baked beans deserve a special mention. There are tons of places vying for the first position on our list of restaurants that have the best Boston baked beans. Since choosing just one is an almost impossible task, here are 3 places for the ultimate Boston Baked beans.

  1. The Four’s

With locations at Boston, Quincy and Norwell, they have the best baked beans. It is brought to you with a great sporty vibe and equally great service. Sit at the bar and let yourself be overwhelmed by the mind-blowing dishes and an amazing ambience. Side note: the BBQ Cheddar burger and the chocolate mousse are as good as, if not better than the baked beans.


  1. Mr. Dooley’s

Located at Broad Street, Mr. Dooley’s is exactly the kind of place that will leave you fully satisfied and thoroughly entertained. Good times roll effortlessly in this Irish bar known for its authenticity and good service. Go there on Thursdays to enjoy the live music along with the specially made baked beans. Bring your friends along for some good food and company.


  1. Hard Rock Café

Whoever said that you can’t go wrong with a Hard Rock café was absolutely correct. The one at Clinton Street in Boston is no exception to this rule. What’s different about this branch in Boston is that you’ll not get the same kind of baked beans elsewhere. With a menu jam-packed with the perfect comfort food and even adult milkshakes, the Hard Rock café will welcome you and your friends with open arms and show you a truly rocking time.

Between these three places, picking a clear winner is tough but remember, if you think baked beans, think Boston. Regardless of which restaurant you visit, among these three, you will undoubtedly have a great time.


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