3 Amazing things about the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or a natural romantic, the Coastal Marine Botanical Gardens is an excellent destination. Comprising over 270 acres of tidal shore-land in Boothbay, offers well-catered floral environments and even a garden gift shop! Here are 3 things that might draw you here.

Treasure Trove of Nature

It takes a master to draw a fine line between nature and art and you can explore this harmony here – in the garden of dreams. Unsurprisingly, this horticulture has been described accurately as a “silent symphony of color, texture, shape and scent.” With rigorously catalogued flora, enjoy this ornamental garden with all your senses!

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Art and Nature Exhibits

You can also enjoy the Botanical Gardens through nature exhibits. Whether you wish to take a course in gardening or appreciate creatively developed paintings, the garden offers it all. Most recently, the garden organized the “Winter Colors: Paintings by Andrea Peters” beautifully capturing the Boothbay landscape. So, if you’re in the mood for a visual extravaganza, you have found it!

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Garden Tours and Boat Rides

You can also enjoy slow relaxing garden tours. Enjoy a guided tour across the garden for free or accessible cart tours by trained docents. Besides, the garden has also extended its reach into the waters. Join Sheepscot River cruises to glide across in the Beagle or Tidal Tansit’s Island Explorer to discover the rich biodiversity around the garden. For the more adventurers, Tidal Transit even offers a kayak adventure!

Spending an afternoon in Mother Nature’s embrace as you walk through beautiful landscapes of the botanical garden is quite a worthwhile way to spend time. So, be prepared to enjoy nature and its beauty!

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