20 Things Kids Who Grew Up In Maine Can Relate To

Ah, Maine. Tucked up there in it’s own little corner of the country. In fact, to most outsiders, it may as well be its own country. But kids from the bucolic cities and towns of the Pine Tree State know that a Maine childhood is just about as close to time travelling back to the good old days as it gets. For that, Maine kids may just be the luckiest on earth.

  1. Clam rolls were to you what chicken fingers were to every other kid in America
  2. You said “Ayuh” instead of Yes or Yeah
  3. Your floors were perpetually covered in sand – from the beach in the summer and the roads the rest of the year
  4. You braked for Fiddleheads
  5. You kept your canned goods “Down Cellah”
  6. You stockpiled batteries, candles, flashlights and lantern oil
  7. You know, in case of a “Naw’Eastah”
  8. Stephen King was just another neighbor
  9. The City meant Portland
  10. Winter lasted about 6 months
  11. You considered 6 inches a “dusting of snow”
  12. You hung out at a gravel pit
  13. You went swimming in a quarry
  14. And knew exactly where to find the rope swing
  15. All of your clothes and most of your home goods came from L.L. Bean
  16. And it’s all flannel
  17. You drank frappes instead of milkshakes
  18. Your hometown shut down by 8 PM
  19. You craved Humpty Dumpty potato chips
  20. Moose and deer meat were staples in your diet
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