10 Strange Laws Vermont Residents Must Obey

Vermont is known for being pretty progressive. They were “green” long before it was trendy, and they believe in enjoying the spoils of their organic endeavors. From farmer’s markets to craft breweries, Vermont is a hipster’s paradise.

With that unique vibe in mind, some of these laws may seem fitting with their environmentalist reputation, while others are just plain outdated…

1. It is illegal to store doves in the freezer.

It may sound arbitrary and rather silly, but there may be a method to the madness here. Vermont does not recognize the dove as an official game bird, so maybe storing their carcasses in your freezer is considered evidence that you first illegally hunted them?

2. You can be arrested for disrobing in public, but leaving your home stark naked is fine.

To the delight of nudists across the state, there is no law against public nudity. It’s public stripping that VT takes issue with.

3. No one may paint a horse for any reason.

Sorry to foil your weekend plans, but using your horse as a blank canvas in the Green Mountain State is considered unacceptable.

4. Landscape paintings are not to be produced during war times.

This one surely falls in the outdated column…perhaps artists were expected to devote their time to producing portraits of high ranking officers during times of war? What a shame, as Vermont has some of the most beautiful views to capture in paint.

5. It is illegal to whistle while under water.

You know you want to try it to see if it’s possible. Just don’t try it in Vermont!

6. If a woman would like to get false teeth, she’ll need the written consent of her husband.

We all know that women were once considered the personal property of their husbands, but why it was deemed necessary to legally control their teeth (or lack thereof) is beyond me.

7. It is against the law to defame a Vermont court of law.

Not happy with the results of your traffic hearing? Better keep it to yourself. So much for freedom of speech.

8. You may not publicly denounce the existence of a creator.

Religious freedom is a right for all US citizens to enjoy. Although this law somehow remains on the books, it certainly is not enforceable.

9. Vermont is one of only four states that outlaws advertising with billboards.

This ensures that your road trip through Vermont will have unobstructed views of the gorgeous countryside. On the downside you’ll have to Google directions to the roadside attractions.

10. The city of Barre requires all of its residents to bathe on Saturday nights.

It is unclear whether they are only required to spruce up on Saturday evenings. If so, I’d hate to be in Barre on Saturday morning!

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