10 Facts That Prove Vermont Is The Snow Capital Of The USA

According to USA.com, Vermont receives the most snowfall of any state with an average of 89.25 inches per year. The next four states in terms of highest average snowfall are Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado, and Alaska, all of which receive over 60 inches per year.

With all that powder, it’s a wonder that Vermonters don’t have their own 50 words for snow like the Eskimos do! Whatever your feelings about the white stuff may be, you have to admit, Vermont knows how to make the best out of a snowy situation. With more than 20 luxury ski resorts and an abundance of pristine hills and ponds, anyone can ski, board, sled or skate their way to winter fun.


Here are 10 more facts about Vermont’s famous powder that prove the Green Mountain State not only gets the most snow in the USA, they also know how to use it to their benefit.

1. From 1885 to 1931, Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley, a farmer from Jericho, worked to prove that no two snowflakes are alike. He invented the process of photographing snowflakes by using a microscope and a camera in order to prove his theory.


2. Readsboro, VT received more than 50 inches over the span of 3 days from a single storm in 1947.


3. The greatest snowfall for a single season was 26.5 feet of powder (318 inches) in the winter of 1970/71. That’s 3.5 times the yearly average!

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4. The first rope tow was set up in Woodstock and was powered by a Model T Ford engine.

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5. Mount Snow is not named for the white stuff, but rather for a farmer, Reuben Snow, who originally owned the land.

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6. Vermont gets an annual average of 0.19 inches of snow each May – when spring is supposed to have sprung already!


7. Vermont is the home of the East’s first snowboard park and sponsored “freeski” team.



8. Vermont’s longest lift-service halfpipe is known as “The Gut” and runs for 460 feet.


9. Rudyard Kipling, living in Vermont in the 1890’s, invented the game of snow golf.



10. A record high of 105 degrees was recorded on July 4, 1911 in Vermont. Snow doesn’t sound too bad after all, right?


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