Patriots draft pick drawing Julian Edelman comps

Patriots draft pick drawing Julian Edelman comps

The New England Patriots definitely have a type. It’s become a running joke about the team, but hey, it works.

A type? Yes, a type. Like how human beings find certain other human beings attractive. But here, it’s more that the Patriots have a certain kind of guy they love having on their team.

The Patriots seem to do well with short, caucasian slot receivers who were drafted late. Don’t believe it? Welp, who was the team who had Wes Welker, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. And for those wondering, Chris Hogan is over 6 feet, so he only kind of fits the bill--because he’s a slot guy who was a late round pick; he’s too tall. Maybe Danny Woodhead could even get like a 0.5 here as a running back with hands, but whatever. Austin Carr doesn’t count though; too tall and didn’t get any playing time.

What matters is that the Patriots kept this legacy going. They went out and drafted Braxton Berrios in this year’s NFL Draft. Cue the comps to the guys the Patriots have gotten before.

Last year, he had a pretty good year for the Miami Hurricanes; he 55 catches for 679 yards and nine TDs. Oh, and he can return punts, so there’s that.

It was probably the most Patriots pick in Patriots history, but now we’ll get to see if it actually works. The Pats have a ton of wide receivers already (even without Amendola on the team anymore, so it is unclear how they will get Berrios into the mix, but he’s athletic, so it will be interesting to see how he does in the preseason.

It’s like anyone else in the draft: we won’t really know what the Patriots got until we see them play in a game.

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