Celtics unable to trade pick three yet

The Celtics are probably going to end up using that third overall pick in this year’s NBA draft after all.

It appeared as though that might be the pick they’d trade. But they could not work anything out for any of the guys they had been targeting. They had been looking for an established veteran. But for some reason or another, none of the trade scenarios they attempted worked out — although they would have greatly benefited the C’s from the looks of them.

Like it or not, the Celtics are probably going to have to bring in some young blood with this pick. That Dragan Bender guy from Croatia recently visit with the team — not to jump to any conclusions or anything like that. And apparently, he is pretty “intriguing”. Now intriguing doesn’t always mean good, but it means it could be a good pick. It’s just intriguing, you know?

To take it a step further, not only were the Celtics trade offers not accepted. But from the looks of it, their offers were downright laughable. Scoff was the word they used, but that just seems so rude.

The other teams aren’t the only team doing the scoffing. The Celtics had an offer from the Philadelphia 76ers that they may have scoffed at.


That was like three-four hours ago And nothing has come if it. Talk about a scoffable trade offer.

None of this even remotely answers what the C’s will be doing with picks 16, 23 or anything in the second round. One has to figure some of those picks could have been in the conversation when they were looking to trade for an established vet.

Even though the draft is tomorrow, it is still unclear how, exactly, this one will play out. They’re in a pretty good position either way.

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