Boston Bars Where You Can Get A Shot Of Local History With Your Beer

The hub of the universe – otherwise known as Boston – is steeped in rich history. From the Freedom Trail to the Swan Boats, you can hardly set foot in the city without stepping in a piece of history.

If you want to learn more about Boston’s legacy, but you just aren’t up for a hike or a boat ride, swing into one of these pubs instead. You can immerse yourself in history as you enjoy your favorite adult beverage.

McGreevy’s, 911 Boylston Street, Boston

Are you a Sox fan? Get your fill of beer and Bosox memorabilia at McGreevy’s. Michael T. “Nuf Ced” McGreevy opened the Third Base Saloon in Roxbury in 1890. It is reported to be the first American sports bar and the birthplace of Red Sox Nation. Third Base Saloon’s legacy lives on at McGreevy’s, a re-creation of the original pub owned by Ken Casey of The Dropkick Murphys and baseball historian, Peter Nash.

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Doyle’s Cafe, 3484 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain

Doyle’s has been a historical landmark since 1882. The Irish pub offers Boston’s widest selection of draft beers and was the first to ever serve Sam Adams (the beer, not the guy). Be sure to stroll around and check out the historical artifacts that adorn the walls, including a whole room dedicated to JFK’s grandfather.

Doyles Cafe Boston


JJ Foley’s, 117 East Berkeley Street, Boston

This South End favorite has been continuously owned by the Foley family since it’s opening in 1909 – a Boston record. Among the historical memorabilia you’ll find the original Dover Street sign, renamed East Berkeley Street in the 60’s. There’s also a rumor that Foley’s rebelled against Prohibition by fronting as a shoe store.

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West End Johnnie’s138 Portland Street, Boston

The good old days when Boston’s “Combat Zone” was home to honky-tonks, strip clubs and adult bookstores are alive and well at West End Johnnie’s. They feature memorabilia from the Old Howard Theater’s burlesque shows and the original marquee from notorious strip club, the Naked i Cabaret – in bright red neon, of course.

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Green Dragon Tavern, 11 Marshall Street, Boston

The Green Dragon has been serving Bostonians like John Hancock and Paul Revere since 1654. Historian, Daniel Webster confirmed that it is the very bar where the plans to invade Lexington and Concord were overheard, thus sparking Mr. Revere’s famous ride!

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The Warren Tavern, 2 Pleasant Street, Charlestown

Paul Revere and George Washington are said to have frequented The Warren. After the “Redcoats” burned down Charlestown in 1775, The Warren Tavern was one of the very first buildings erected during the rebuild.

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Eire Pub, 795 Adams Street, Dorchester

“Boston’s Original Gentleman’s Prestige Bar” may not have served our Nation’s first president, but thanks to Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, just about every political candidate since the 90’s has superstitiously visited The Eire. Several governors, mayors, senators, and even an Irish Prime Minister have stopped in for a brew or two when in Boston – you know, for good luck.

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Amrheins, 80 West Broadway, South Boston

Established in 1890, Amrheins’ A-Bar boasts Boston’s very first draft beer pump and the oldest hand-carved bar in America. It’s not just a bar showcasing Boston’s history, it’s the history of Boston bars!

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