Why Fenway Is The Most Unique Major League Ballpark

Why Fenway Is The Most Unique Major League Ballpark

I am a proud member of Red Sox Nation. We are passionate about the game and our beloved Fenway Park. Nothing compares to seeing a baseball game at Fenway, the atmosphere and camaraderie are like no other. Thinking about the legends that have played at this ballpark brings a sense of nostalgia that we Bostonians are lucky to feel. There are so many unique things about Fenway.

The Oldest Ballpark

Boston is full of history, and the same goes for our historic ballpark. Fenway Park was built in 1912, and it is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012. Its quirks, asymmetry, and intimate feel are what make it unique. Fenway has a charm that newer, fancier ballparks can’t compete with. 

The Green Monster

The “Green Monster,” the left-field wall, is the tallest wall in any Major League Baseball park. It’s 37 feet tall, and it’s so unique that our mascot “Wally The Green Monster” was named after it. Seats were added along the top of the wall in 2003 that provide a distinct view of the ballpark.

Rooftop Garden

They grow their own fruits and vegetables at Fenway. Green City Growers worked with Fenway Park and The Red Sox to create Fenway Farms, a 5,000 square foot rooftop garden. The garden is located on the third-base side of the EMC level. The fruits and vegetables grown are used in the food sold at the restaurant and concession stands.

Sweet Caroline

“Sweet Caroline,” is the unofficial song of Fenway Park. The song was first played at Fenway in 1997, the same year Wally became our mascot. Legend says that it was played in honor of the birth of a baby named Caroline, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Either way, once it was played, the contagious positive vibe of the song was evident, so they began playing it more. It became a tradition to play it during games, after the seventh inning if the Sox were ahead, like a good luck charm. The song became so popular with fans that it is now played regularly during the eighth inning at home games.

Fenway Franks

Hot dogs are the perfect hands-free baseball food, but “Fenway Franks” are extra special. Whether you are young or old, like them plain or with all the fixins’, these hot dogs are a crowd-pleaser. They are made by Kayem, a local company that’s been in business since 1909. There are more than 80,000 Fenway Franks sold per season!

Manual Scoreboard

Although there is now a digital scoreboard, Fenway still has a manually operated scoreboard located under the Green Monster. This scoreboard has been there since 1934, and it’s one of only two manual scoreboards still used in Major League Baseball, the other one is in Wrigley Field. There are three operators inside the scoreboard during each game to keep the score updated.

These traits, along with many others, make Fenway Park the most unique Major League Ballpark. If you are heading to a Red Sox game or you simply want to show your love for our iconic ballpark, check out Chowdaheadz Fenway Gear and wear it with pride