Is there someone you know that sleeps, eats and breathes all things red sox baseball? ChowdaHeadz has just the thing to make that very special person in your life squeal with joy. In our online Fenway Park gift shop you'll find clothing, accessories, novelty items and gift sets that any baseball nerd would adore.

Baseball Gear and Apparel

Our fine selection of baseball gear kicks off with red sox T-shirts that embody the baseball fandom of Boston and the East Coast. If you're from New England there's no doubt Fenway Park and its iconic team were a big part of your childhood. Even casual baseball fans can't deny that baseball is a huge part of the New England community. To commemorate Fenway Park and baseball's legacy in these parts, ChowdaHeadz has T-shirts with slogans, graphics and colors palettes that'll give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside like So Good Fenway, Born Into It Baseball, I'd Rather Be At Fenway, Sox Heart and Married Into It Boston Fan.

Our hoodies are just as soft and comfortable as a warm hug, and they're just as stylish as our cheeky T-shirts. We've even got socks (in red of course) to keep your feet toasty.

Of course, our collection wouldn't be complete without a fine set of Boston baseball caps perfect for the October playoff push. Get one for every day of the week if you have to, we know it's tempting. These baseball caps make excellent gifts, which is why we put one in our Fenway Survival Kit Gift Box. This gift box is a great choice for newbie fans that are just starting to get their feet wet. We've included our Fresh Cut Fenway Grass Candle and our Boston Red Socks to give them a running start.

When apparel doesn't cut it, fill out your Fenway stash with mugs, decals, stickers, bumper stickers, magnets, scented candles, wallets and wall-hangings.