New Taproom Will Feature Davis Square's First "Mug Club"

New Taproom Will Feature Davis Square's First "Mug Club"

Boston’s Hawkeye Hospitality, the group that brought you Five Horses and Worden Hall, is opening a new bar/restaurant in Somerville's Davis Square. Elm Street Taproom will feature the area's first "mug club," an exciting and rewarding challenge for craft beer lovers.

The Elm Street website reads:

"This bar/restaurant blends the best of the modern craft beer movement with a familiar, vibrant, social atmosphere."

The bar, which plans to open January 8, will offer 40 draft and 24 bottled beers from local, national, and global vendors. Those who wish to sample all of the craft options can earn one of 200 22-ounce mugs - hanging tantalizingly above the bar -  from which they can drink any draft beer for the price of a regular pour thereafter.

All you have to do to become a mug club winner is sample all 64 beers on the menu! Wondering how customers will keep track of which beers they’ve ordered? 

“We had a customized app designed, which lets you see the current draft list and pick and choose which draft you want to try,” bar owner Dylan Welsh explains to “I’ve always wanted to have a mug club. I think it’s a cool asset.”

In addition to the huge selection of craft beers, Elm Street has planned a menu with dishes a cut above traditional bar food. Divided into snacks, shares, and sandwiches, it is designed for maximum sampling potential, according to Welsh.

Selections will include deconstructed steak and mashed potatoes, homemade onion rings, whipped feta served with Ritz crackers, Kung Pao duck, seven-layer dip, and nachos.

The 122-seat taproom plans to offer lunch and dinner to start, but Welsh hopes to also join the trendy brunch scene - perhaps with a DJ!

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