Forget Arby's, Rhode Island's Beef Barn REALLY Has The Meats!

Forget Arby's, Rhode Island's Beef Barn REALLY Has The Meats!

The roast beef sandwich is a thing of beauty in New England. Many joints boast that they have "the best" beef, but the Beef Barn in Smithfield, Rhode Island may truly deserve the title!

The rustic establishment has been serving up fantastic burgers and sandwiches for over 50 years. The North Smithfield location opened in 1969 with a second spot opening in Bellingham just two years ago.

The Beef Barn is family-owned and dedicated to providing simple, but quality food. 

Their classic slow cooked roast beef sandwiches are piled high with tender cuts of eight-hour-roasted-beef. 

Believe it or not, this sandwich, as well as the Beef Barn's steak sandwich, chicken cutlet and cheeseburger are always under $5!

Add homemade potato chips to any sandwich or opt for an overflowing order of hand-cut fries. 

And if you still have room for dessert, the Beef Barn offers sweet treats like Boston Cream Pie, Peanut Butter Pie, Ice Cream Cake, and much more!

Looking for something different to serve at your next football watching party? Instead of the same old wings and dips, pick up a fresh tray of delicious hand-cut roast beef sammies from the Beef Barn!

Visit one of their two locations today. Just look for the red silo!

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